Former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown and former NFL Pro-Bowler Everson Walls are among the backers of Heckler Sports, a newly launched all-sports social network that encourages passionate and live fan interaction.

The idea is to provide a central location for game information, then to unite everyone watching it live no matter whether they’re in the stadium, in front of their TV screen or perched on a bar stool.

Heckler Sports has three main sections, all of which have integrated sharing and mobile capacities. One is Heckler Live, where users can view upcoming events in addition to cheering and jeering along with other users in real time while the games are underway.

Relevant headlines, links, photos and videos are aggregated in the Heckler Sports Bar, while fans can maintain their own sports-centric page and profile in the Heckler Locker Room.

“Wherever I plan to watch a game, I have a whole community of friends and fans at my fingertips to enjoy the game with,” said Brown. “It’s like having the excitement of the stadium in my living room.”

According to CEO and co-founder Baayan Bakari, Heckler Sports combines the best aspects of Facebook, Twitter, and ESPN.

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Photo by Flickr user Seth Rasmussen, used under Creative Commons license