Nearly half (47 percent) of tablet users engage with ads on it at least once a week, a segment that drops to 25 percent for smartphone users. Once engaged, these mobile consumers are very likely to take action. Most tablet users (89 percent) and smartphone users (80 percent) said they did so.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) determined these patterns as part of understanding changing consumer behavior, published today in its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence report, “Mobile’s Role in the Consumer’s Media Day.” IAB commissioned the survey from ABI Research.

As marketers realized soon after smartphones reached the marketplace, consumers usually have their device with them. In the IAB’s study, 70 percent of owners said that they “never leave home without it.”

While tablet owners are less likely to carry their device throughout the day, the same proportion (70 percent) said they considered their tablet to be an entertainment and media hub.

The study also looked at the preferences demonstrated by people who owned both devices. Smartphones have the edge over tablets when it comes to looking up information, at 60 percent compared to 22 percent. Tablets definitely win out when it comes to traditional media on mobile devices, however, with consumers preferring tablets (chosen by 69 percent for print, 68 percent for video) over a smartphone (9 percent print, 8 percent video).

Download the entire report from the IAB here.

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Photo by Flickr user Ed Yourdon, used under Creative Commons license