PacketVideo announced that the Twonky Beam button is now  integrated into Bedrocket, Toon Goggles and U-Next’s websites, making it possible for viewers to click once and send video from those content partners to their Internet-connected TV for watching on the bigger screen.

The Twonky Beam app also acts as a remote, allowing viewers to control playback, volume and other factors from their device. No additional hardware is needed to use the free software.

For developers, the Twonky Beam button is included in the Anywhere Artist mobile app SDK, so it’s available for incorporation into other websites and mobile apps.

“Our goal in creating the Twonky Beam button is to make it easy for media sites to get their content onto the big screen by using tablets, phones and PCs. We made sure media sites maintain full control over their user experience, while easily creating the ability to integrate our beaming technology,” said Osama Al-Shaykh, chief technology officer of PacketVideo. “Let the multi-screen user experience innovations begin!”

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