MusicTV, the free app that creates a YouTube playlist based on a user’s music library, today released an updated version that finally integrates with the wider world.

It’s now possible to share with Facebook and Twitter, either by posting what’s currently playing or by sharing individualized codes that enable other MusicTV users to play each other’s playlists.

Playback can also be via AppleTV using AirPlay. YouTube now supports video ranging from 240p to 1080p and audio from 60 kbps MP3 to 192 kbps AAC, so the resulting experience is likely to be better than even a year ago.

Users can choose between English and Spanish. Formerly known as AudioViz, the app from Caramba App Development only works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

MusicTV is built with self- learning algorithm that performs quicker and more smoothly the more often it’s used. Users also can manually select music videos, create custom playlists, and use standard music playback options like shuffle, repeat, pause, next track and previous track.

“Many iPhone and iPad users grew up spending hours and hours watching music TV channels,” said Jaap van Kampen of Caramba App Development. “And now with MusicTV, they can re-live the experience anywhere and anytime.”

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