DataSift today announced a deal with bitly that gives the social data platform access to all the data bitly collects from its URL shortening and collecting service.

The partnership brings together bitly’s ability to track how much traffic is generated by tweets and other social sharing, with DataSift’s capability to analyze social conversations.

Since DataShift is one of only two companies (Gnip being the other) with access to all of Twitter’s traffic, its users can now watch what’s being shared over social networks as well as see what links get clicked as a result of that social conversation. In addition to the straightforward SEO uses for this information, DataShift said it also provides a basis for measuring ROI across news and media.

Earlier this week DataSift announced it has received $15 million in Series B funding led by Scale Venture Partners, with participation by current investors GRP Partners and IA Ventures, along with new investors Northgate Capital and Daher Capital.

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