By Caroline Lesley & Jon Erlichman, Parachute TV

The way we consume video is changing rapidly. Each day, traditional TV viewing competes with increased video consumption on our phones. Sometimes it’s Netflix or YouTube. Increasingly, it’s live-streaming content from platforms like Facebook Live or Twitter-owned Periscope. Users can broadcast live from their devices…anywhere, anytime. And the stage is set for a world in which Facebook and Twitter play a role previously reserved for cable companies.

Facebook Live, for example, is a top priority on Facebook’s five year roadmap, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook Live, first released to celebrities last year, was recently rolled out to all users globally. “We’re seeing TV stars get bigger audiences on Facebook Live than they get on their TV shows,” Zuckerberg announced at the company’s recent F8 developers conference.

Traditional media brands like E! are distributing content on Facebook Live, just as they would on cable. Meanwhile, younger brands like BuzzFeed and Parachute TV see an opportunity to create compelling Facebook Live content perfectly tailored for a mobile audience.

Periscope’s fast growth is also worth highlighting. Apple’s app of the year in 2015, Periscope amassed 10 million accounts in its first four months after launch. Periscope recently celebrated its first anniversary by announcing that more than 200 million broadcasts were created in its first twelve months. And Twitter has upped the ante by acquiring streaming rights to “Thursday Night Football,” opening the door to unique behind-the-scenes coverage on Periscope.

Parachute TV has been an early content leader in this mobile version of the cable ecosystem. Winner of Digital Entertainment World’s 2016 startup award, Parachute launched in August 2015 as the first TV-like channel on Periscope. Through a single account, it began programming more than 50 shows a week, with a team of more than 100 influential creators. Parachute now reaches more than a million highly engaged viewers and also creates content for Facebook Live, YouNow and SnapChat. Its brand voice is informative, entertaining, interactive, and fun. Advertisers quickly gravitated to Parachute because of its highly entertaining content. Parachute’s highly produced shows tackle cooking, crafts, comedy, music, fashion, red carpets, and even scripted programming. It truly highlights the evolution from cable channels to live-streaming channels.

Interestingly, the Daytime Emmy Awards took a break this year from a traditional television broadcast. But the ceremony fully embraced the fast-growing world of live-streaming. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) teamed up with Parachute TV to provide Daytime TV fans with unique, behind-the-scenes access on Periscope. Along with red carpet coverage, Emmy winners had an immediate opportunity to interact with fans on Periscope, moments after making their way backstage.

Is the stage now set for a world where awards shows are fully distributed on Facebook or Twitter instead of television? From the looks of it, we’re already there.

Check out this infographic, which helps shed light on how the live-streaming ecosystem comes together. And download the attached document to connect with Parachute TV.

Facebook, Twitter Leading TV's Transition From Cable To Your Phone


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Advertising –
As the leading content creators in live-streaming, Parachute TV (winner of the 2016 DEW startup award) is an ideal partner for marketers looking to reach audiences in new ways. We also operate the first and largest live-streaming influencer network, helping brands connect with creators.

Accessing Influencers –
Parachute’s influencer network is called Lifestream. Lifestream currently works with hundreds of live-streaming influencers and brands such as AT&T, eBay, Charmin, Lyft, Expedia, Epix, Epson, Roku, ABC Family, YouTube, Open Road, and TaskRabbit. We can easily execute branded campaigns through the accounts of our influencers. For example, mobile gaming company Seriously used our influencer network to boost awareness around its hit game ‘Best Fiends.’ Using our detailed analytics, we curated a group of lifestyle influencers who effectively drove downloads of the game.

Media Partners
Parachute TV and its creators have worked with traditional media players like the Emmy Awards, CBS, AMC and The Weather Channel to create compelling content on Periscope, Facebook Live and YouNow, as well as other platforms like Snapchat. Our content can also be repurposed for podcasting networks and over-the-top services.

Parachute’s co-founders are creators at heart. Caroline Lesley has worked in casting at ABC Television and helped lead EW’s digital content strategy. And journalist Jon Erlichman (ABC News, HLN, Bloomberg, CTV News) was named by AdAge as one of the live-streaming stars every brand