Wired reports “FOUR YEARS AGO to the day, Microsoft hit bottom. That’s when the company posted its first-ever quarterly loss. Doubt swirled about whether longtime CEO Steve Ballmer had the vision to pull what had once been the world’s most valuable company out of a prolonged slump precipitated by Microsoft’s utter failure to anticipate or adjust to the mobile revolution.

The Nokia acquisition now safely behind it, Microsoft has delivered four quarters of profits in a row. The company revealed today that not only did it beat analyst expectations, it once again doubled the revenue from Azure, gaining the scale that CFO Amy Hood says will make the cloud service more profitable. Microsoft’s oft-mocked search engine Bing, meanwhile, has now claimed more than one-fifth of the search market. If you add AOL and Yahoo, which use Bing to power their search services, Microsoft has now captured more than one-third of Internet searches. Microsoft’s transformation from a company that sells boxed software to one that sells services in the cloud is well underway.” Read More