GamesIndustry reports “This morning marks the wide release of FarmVille: Tropic Escape. It’s the latest in Zynga’s invest/express games for mobile, a follow-up to FarmVille: Country Escape with a new theme to match its new mechanics and features. But on top of whatever it does to further the franchise’s fortunes, it’s also notable for the uncommon construction of its dev team. Nearly 40% of the developers on the team are women, including team lead and Zynga GM Nicole Opas.

‘Diversity has been really important for me as a female leader,’ Opas last week. ‘I’ve been in the game industry for 18 years, and frankly, I’ve always had male bosses. So it was important for me to seek out women, whether it be experienced and seasoned female leaders or new employees to our company fresh out of college.'” Read More