New joint venture bridges tournament software and sponsorship management for Div. II  and NAIA conferences and colleges for streamlined esports play 

HOUSTON (March 1, 2021) – Mainline, a leading esports tournament software and  management company, today has teamed up with Steel Planet Esports, an affiliated venture of  college multi-media rights holder Steel Curtain U, to assist in the management of esports rights  for a number of Division II, Division III, NAIA and community college conferences and  universities under the newly created entity, Launch Esports™. Using the strengths of both  entities, the company will be able to immediately bring structure and continuity to conference level play for small college conferences and schools across the U.S. 

“We’re proud to pair Mainline’s esports platform and tournament operations with Steel Curtain U, who has been a trusted partner to 18 Division II and NAIA conferences to help bring the  needed foundation and structure to the growing esports programs found at their member  colleges and universities,” said Mainline chief growth officer, Toby Wyman. “Thanks to the depth  of experience that both of our teams have in this space, Launch Esports will be able to drive  incremental value by immediately offering its services to numerous conferences.” 

Steel Curtain U carries years of multimedia rights management experience with various college  athletics conferences for traditional sports and, now with Mainline, they can offer their partners,  and others, a new esports management solution through Launch Esports. 

“We’re excited to introduce our conference partners to the new Launch Esports experience that  will create a dynamic platform for their esports programs and students while providing brands  the opportunity to engage these important audiences,” said Darin David, president of Steel  Curtain U. 

One of the first conferences to utilize Launch Esports is Conference Carolinas with additional  conferences to be announced in the coming weeks. They are now launching their initial esports  tournaments and leagues. Details are available upon request. 

“We must find unique ways to engage not only our student-athletes but all of our member  institutions’ students,” said Conference Carolinas’ commissioner, Chris Colvin. “We’re growing  our esports programs and now incorporating them into our traditional sports like our NBA2K21  Championship occurring alongside our 2021 Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships.” 

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About Mainline 

Mainline is an esports tournament software and management company focused on providing  customers with their own esports offerings. Based in Houston, TX, Mainline helps colleges and  brands manage, monetize and market their esports programs and tournaments, and has quickly  become the leader in collegiate esports. For more information, visit and 

About Steel Planet Esports 

Steel Planet Esports was created to address the business needs of college conferences and  brand partners. SPE was developed as a partnership between Darin David of college multi-media  rights holder Steel Curtain U, TV producer and Disney veteran Randy Gregory, and digital,  entertainment and technology entrepreneur and investor Ned Sherman, co-founder of Digital  Media Wire. Steel Curtain U represents 19 conferences and the CCCAA, encompassing more  than 340 colleges, 3.5M students, and 10.3M alumni. For more information, visit