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DEW Startup Competition Entry Deadline – Jan. 1, 2017

Hey Everyone, To all of you involved in digital entertainment startups, the entry deadline for the 2017 Digital Entertainment World Startup Competition is this...

ICG raises concerns over “de-monetisation” of YouTube content

GamesIndustry reports "The recently formed Internet Creators Guild has highlighted the growing concern around the "de-monetisation" of videos that transgress YouTube's content guidelines. The ICG was formed in June by YouTuber Hank Green, with the aim of protecting the interests of the growing community of online content creators. Recently, YouTube appeared to tighten its rules around which videos could be monetised through advertising, marking videos that its algorithm deemed to have inappropriate content, and sparking widespread concern among those the ICG represents."

RealTimeVFX launches community platform for visual artists

VentureBeat reports "Veteran visual effects artists have created a community platform dubbed RealTimeVFX to help educate artists who are working with video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile games, holograms, theme parks, and other new technologies. The industry-driven community platform is aimed at opening up the knowledge base, support, best practices, and other educational and career resources for the visual effects community, known as VFX. The community will shine a spotlight on educational issues for artists."

Snapchat’s rumored augmented glasses could be one step closer to reality

Mashable reports "It's no secret Snapchat is working on augmented reality glasses. The company has reportedly been staffing up a team to work on them and CEO Evan Spiegel has even been caught wearing them in public. Snapchat has now joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) suggesting it's augmented reality glasses could be moving closer to becoming a real product."

Adobe reveals video collaboration, VR and animation updates for Creative Cloud

TechCrunch reports "The new collaborative features let teams working on Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude access shared Team Projects, which can operate without dedicated server hardware. They include smart version control, including automatic intelligent conflict resolution so that even when you’re all working on the same files no one’s rewriting one another’s work. Reversions are made easy in case there are any issues, and Creative Cloud or local storage of project files are both supported. You can also easily turn legacy project into Team Projects."

Four things marketers should know about VR

Digiday reports "2016 is shaping up to be a “billion dollar year” for virtual reality, following a smattering of long-hyped product releases from Samsung, HTC and Facebook-owned Oculus Rift. Even Jesus is getting a retelling with the technology. Talk about biblical scale. Here’s what marketers need to know about VR."

VR: Not all legal plain sailing ahead

GamesIndustry reports "The games industry has so far been at the forefront of the virtual reality surge. Following on from the release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive earlier this year, next month PlayStation VR hits the shelves with the potential to bring VR gaming to the masses - despite its pretty hefty price tag. With the introduction of game-specific peripherals and then later the Wii, Kinect and PlayStation Move, gaming moved from being a sedentary activity to one which often requires physical exertion. This raised a number of legal issues that the industry hadn't faced before, and VR will add another layer, combining physical exertion with an immersive experience in a separate reality. One factor challenging the widespread adoption of VR is the health and safety risk often associated with use of VR headsets. Motion sickness, nausea blackouts, behavioural changes and eyestrain are most commonly cited, but real-world falls, trips and bumps are not to be ignored."

Snapchat ad revenues to reach almost $1 billion in 2017

TechCrunch reports "A new report out this morning from analysts at eMarketer is forecasting explosive growth for Snapchat’s ad revenue by next year. The firm estimates the mobile social application will generate $366.69 million in 2016, but that figure will grow to $935.46 million by 2017 – a jump it attributes to Snapchat’s ability to reach younger millennials, a wider ad portfolio, and ad targeting improvements. The $366.69 million in 2016 is a bit higher than the internal goals Snapchat had reportedly set for itself this year, according to a report from Recode this spring. Sources had told Recode that Snapchat was targeting between $300 million and $350 million in revenue this year, up 6 to 7 times from the $50 million it projected last year."

Intel is buying Movidius, a startup that makes vision chips for...

Recode reports "Intel announced late Monday that it is buying Movidius, a small chipmaker that makes computer vision processors used in drones and virtual reality devices, among other products. The eight-year-old company has grown to about 180 employees, and has landed deals with Lenovo, DJI and Google. Its latest chip, the Myriad 2, can make sense of multiple video streams at once, all in a processor the size of a fingernail. Intel, meanwhile, has been on something of a shopping spree as it looks to make sure that it doesn’t miss another wave of technology. Last month, Intel agreed to fork over more than $400 million for Nervana Systems, a machine-learning startup."

Sky Buys $4.5M Stake in French Streamer Molotov

The Hollywood Reporter reports "Pan-European pay TV giant Sky has acquired a $4.5 million (4 million euros) stake in French streaming video service Molotov, which recently launched its app that allows subscribers to watch or record live TV across devices. The companies didn't disclose the size of Sky's stake. 'This investment is part of a larger Molotov financing round and is the latest in a series of Sky investments in innovative start-up companies,' Sky said."