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Pete Townshend: I Am a Genius, iTunes Is a Vampire, Streaming...

The U.K.'s BBC 6 Music invited musician Pete Townshend to give the inaugural John Peel Lecture on Oct. 2011 at The Quays Theatre in Salford. The following is a transcript of his speech on how the business of music in the digital age should change in order for there to be future musicians.

Guest Opinion: Steve Jobs' Grammy Is "Hypocrisy on Parade"

Guest author Wayne Rosso explains why he thinks NARAS giving a special Grammy to Steve Jobs is just “a cynical public relations stunt by an industry seeped in hypocrisy.”

Steve Ballmer: "We're Clearly on the Right Track"

Microsoft chief operating officer Steve Ballmer laid out the company’s vision for Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox Live as the core of every household’s entertainment system, the promise of Windows Phones, and the next version of Windows as a unified platform that brings it all together regardless of device or screen. He said Microsoft's philosophy for everything is to put people first.

Guest Editorial: 3D Hype Dies, 3D Business Grows

CES 2012 is over, and now it is time for the post-mortems. Once again, 3D is a dominant topic of these discussions, as The Shindler Perspective CEO Marty Shindler writes.

Guest Column: Who’s In Control of Big Data?

QVIVO founder Liam McCallum looks at the increasingly important role cloud-based services play in a world of proliferating data.

Guest column: Subscription, download or OTT? Let's rewind.

In this guest column, Alan McGlade reflects on subscription versus paid download and a la carte business models from his perspective as Digital Entertainment Ventures managing director and former MediaNet CEO.

Five questions with Kevin Conroy, president of Univision Interactive Media

Kevin Conroy, president of Univision Interactive Media and Enterprise Development, took five with Digital Media Wire to discuss how Hispanic audiences consume and interact with digital media, and what his strategy is for maximizing the opportunities.

Guest column: Don't clone my indie game, bro

The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) showcases the industry’s hottest trends, from its most innovative game-play experiences, to its top-trending peeves and squabbles. I am prepared to ‘call’ the 26th GDC’s Peeve of the Year.

Guest column: 'Severe Seven' Canadian Music Week bands to watch

The Bloom Effect's Fiona Bloom here shares her CMW Severe Seven, the seven Canadian Music Week live music highlights that made the most impression on her.

DeWolfe: SGN is 'scrappy,' ubiquitous and profitable

SGN’s Chris DeWolfe said the venture has been profitable since day one. He now wants its games to be wherever consumers happen to be and on whatever device they choose to use.