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Bhargava: Using humanity to create the magic of engagement

Influential Marketing Group founder Rohit Bhargava relates how the audience response to an understudy's performance led him to identify eight steps for creating the magic of personal engagement.

'Netflixed': Competing with Blockbuster was one thing, but then the Amazon...

In this exclusive excerpt from 'Netflixed,' author Gina Keating details the immediate response from Netflix – and its investors – when the rumors of Amazon entering the movie rental business came true.

Guest post: Changes in Facebook's news feed mean changes for reach...

Guest post: Facebook’s news feeds now favor posts that get the most engagement. Metia’s Corey Christiansen analyzed the effect this change has on messaging reach, and suggests what marketers can do about it.

Bhargava: Launch lessons from Amazon's Kindle Fire HD

Influential Marketing Group founder Rohit Bhargava identified five lessons the launch of Amazon's Kindle Fire HD demonstrated for anyone seeking a successful entry into the marketplace.

Mobovivo's Doerksen: iPad Mini announcement will be much bigger

Trevor Doerksen, founder & CEO of Mobovivo, contributed a guest post about his belief that Apple's October 12 announcement will be much bigger than an iPad Mini.

Marvel's Phillips: the goal of digital is maximum audience choice

Peter Phillips, senior vice president and general manager of Marvel Entertainment’s Digital Media Group, explains his strategy for connecting audiences with Marvel's characters on every platform.

Bricault: "passionate about trying to shine a spotlight on L.A."

Paul Bricault, who among many other things is managing director of accelerator Amplify.la, gives his perspective a member of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Council on Innovation and Industry.

To the stratosphere and back in 3D: Q&A with Josh Kline

Digital media veteran Josh Kline launched a weather balloon and rig equipped with 3D cameras, resulting in what's quite possibly the first-ever 3D video shot in the stratosphere this way. Here he relates the adventure.

DeWolfe: SGN is 'scrappy,' ubiquitous and profitable

SGN’s Chris DeWolfe said the venture has been profitable since day one. He now wants its games to be wherever consumers happen to be and on whatever device they choose to use.

Guest column: 'Severe Seven' Canadian Music Week bands to watch

The Bloom Effect's Fiona Bloom here shares her CMW Severe Seven, the seven Canadian Music Week live music highlights that made the most impression on her.