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Which Videos Are Most Popular on Mobiles? Hint: It's Not Sports...

A third of consumers use their mobile phones while they’re at home, not just when they’re out and about. And one in five watches video on their phone at least once every day, according to a Yahoo! and Ipsos study.

Tablets Lead Gartner's Tech Impact Forecast

Gartner Inc. analysts have determined the top ten technologies and trends that will have a significant impact for most organizations in 2012. The three main criteria for inclusion are high potential for disruption, the need for major financial investment, and the risk inherent in not adopting quickly enough.

Deloitte Technology "Fast 500" Average 1,736% Growth [with charts]

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 has made its 18th annual appearance, revealing that 2011 is a great year for many companies but not for the overall tracking of these statistics. The average growth of these 500 soaring companies is 1,736 percent, compared to the report’s highest year, 2002, in which the average growth reached 6,772 percent.

Entertainment Dominates Facebook's Most Popular Pages

The list of most popular Facebook pages has remained only slightly changed over the last quarter, although all of them gained additional numbers. At the top are Facebook’s own page and Zynga’s 'Texas Hold’em Poker,' with almost all the rest being entertainment related.

What Does 'Inception' Have in Common with 'The Departed'? [with chart]

Two movie top ten lists have been published recently, both detailing the most popular movies of all time. But there’s one major difference – one list reports movies rented from Netflix, while the other shows those downloaded using BitTorrent. Guess which was topped by "The Blind Side" and which by "Avatar."

Non-Facebook Social Games Worth $5.6 Billion by 2014 [with infographic]

A new study looked at social games and found that while Asia is the largest social games market, non-Facebook platforms in Western markets will be responsible for nearly one-quarter of worldwide social gaming revenue within the next three years.

NFL's Social Media Scorecard: Could Do Better [with infographic]

The National Football League bans players, coaches and other team personnel from using social media during a several hour window around every game, but that doesn’t protect the players from themselves the rest of the time. Two that come to mind are Rashard Mendenhall (Pittsburgh Steelers) sharing, um, his unique perspective on Osama bin Laden, and Larry Johnson (ex-Kansas City Chiefs) insulting the coach, gay people and a fan.

Netflix Problems Go Deeper Than Cost [with video]

The bottom line of a new report is that Netflix may lose almost a third of its current subscribers. Raising prices on entertainment when customers aren’t confident they can pay more essential bills can be a regrettable necessity, but it needs to be handled carefully. The same goes for dramatic changes in what a subscription includes. Netflix did both of these things abruptly and confusingly, and now Magid Advisors, a unit of research firm Frank N. Magid Associates, has analyzed what it and other factors may cost the company.