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On-demand music streaming has won

Recode reports "This past week has seen headlines about three different companies each seeking new rights agreements with major music labels. Spotify is reportedly trying to lock in longer-term deals with the major labels ahead of its IPO. Amazon is apparently trying to secure rights to offer a cheaper subscription service that will only work on its Echo device. And Pandora is trying to sign U.S. and international rights in order to launch an on-demand streaming service. Each of these stories tells us something about the state of the music streaming market and, taken together, they highlight some interesting trends."

Nielsen Pegs TV Households At 118.4M For 2016-17 Season

Deadline reports "Nielsen has a new denominator for its computation of TV ratings in the 2016-17 TV season. It increased its National Television Household Universe figure by 1.7% to 118.4 million homes. That translates into a 0.8% increase, to 96.0%, in the percent of households that receive traditional TV signals from broadcast, cable, DBS , telco, or broadband. The number of persons over age 2 in those homes is up 1.6% to 301.7 million.The ratings company adds that it sees increases in the number of Hispanic, black and Asian households, but did not specify how much they have changed."

Your phone is becoming your favorite screen, even when you’re at...

Recode reports "Everyone says mobile is the future of digital. But when they talk about mobile, lots of people still talk about it as something you take with you, on the go. And that’s true! But mobile is also something you turn to when you’re at home and have plenty of other screens to turn to. We’ve been tracking this for years. Way back in 2011, for instance, Vevo said that most of the mobile views for its music videos were actually happening in bedrooms and living rooms. Here’s another data point: Sandvine, a broadband services company, says that 30 percent of internet data usage at home comes from phones and tablets."

Games: Digital sales up 10% year-over-year in July

GamesIndustry reports "The games industry has had a better-than-expected summer, at least when it comes to digital distribution. Superdata released its monthly worldwide digital game sales numbers today, with July seeing $5.9 billion spent on digital games, a 10 percent jump year-over-year. Superdata CEO Joost van Dreunen attributed the industry's performance to a number of recent titles exceeding expectations, including The Division, Overwatch, and Pokemon Go, which he noted had the most successful mobile launch in history. On a category basis, the biggest gains for the month were posted by mobile games (16%), digital console games (11%), and the free-to-play PC category (11%), while social gaming, PC DLC, and pay-to-play MMOs all saw declining revenues."

New Report Focuses on Harnessing the Power of Digital Data

A new report from Luth Research hammers this point home by pulling the curtain back on behind the scenes data in the whitepaper “Unlock Your Imagination for Digital Data.” Luth Research is a leader in delivering insights and exploring new digital tools, platforms, and methodologies to enhance and support the most insightful, accurate market research. Luth’s ZQ Intelligence™ is an innovative tool for collecting and tracking significant data.

HTC Vive drawing more interest than Oculus from devs – VRDC...

GamesIndustry reports "The survey found that Rift and Vive are neck-and-neck for current development efforts - Vive commands 48.6% compared to Rift's 43.2% - but when it comes to their next title, 34.6% said they're choosing Vive compared to 23.4% for Rift. It should be noted, however, that "a large number of respondents skipped answering this question, which may suggest that many VR/AR developers aren't confident about where their next project will be or even if it will be at all, given that this question did not include the option to respond with 'Other' or 'None'," the report stated."

NAB Show New York Launches Live Streaming Conference; Facebook Executive Bob...

-- One-Day Event to Address the Latest in Online Video -- WASHINGTON, DC -- Produced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and held November...

Rio Games score smallest TV audience since 2004 as streaming hits...

The Los Angeles Times reports "Video streaming every competitive event at the Olympics may have been too much of a good thing for NBC. The prime-time TV audience over 17 nights for the Rio Games averaged 25.4 million viewers, the lowest since the 2004 Games in Athens, which averaged 24.9 million viewers. Nielsen data showed an 18% decline from the 31.1 million who watched the 2012 Games in London."

Kobe Bryant Reveals $100 Million Fund For Tech, Media And Data

Forbes reports "Kobe Bryant says the beautiful part of business is that there are no salary cap restrictions. The retired NBA superstar will get to put that theory to test as he embarks on a new journey off the court — managing a $100 million venture capital fund focused on investments in the technology, media and data space. Bryant and former President and CEO Web.com Jeff Stibel have self-funded their new venture capital firm Bryant Stibel, which already invests in a plethora of companies including The Players Tribune, Scopely and LegalZoom. Bryant Stibel is not currently seeking outside investment."

Why Marvel and other entertainment companies are focusing on loyalty

VentureBeat reports "Marvel has unveiled a new superhero — one with superpowers that are anything but traditional. At San Diego Comic-Con, the movie, video game, and comic book franchise launched into the realm of multichannel loyalty marketing with the introduction of Marvel Insider. This move signifies a rise in the adoption of loyalty programs across multimedia, entertainment, and gaming industries. Multichannel isn’t unfamiliar territory to retailers like Ulta, TOMS, and Zumiez, some of which have been tracking and rewarding member purchases, information-seeking behavior, and engagement for years. Now we are seeing entertainment industry players like Ultimate Fighting Championship, Ubisoft, and Marvel deploy multichannel loyalty programs."