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Frank Gibeau joins Zynga reports "Frank Gibeau left Electronic Arts in May, and like many former EA employees before him, his next stop was Zynga. The social gaming company today announced (during its Q2 earnings report) that Gibeau has joined its board of directors."

How VR Filmmakers Can Make Classics in Their All-New Medium

Wired reports "Many filmmakers have expressed excitement in virtual reality’s promise for the future filmmaking. George Lucas, it seems, isn’t one of them."

The Xbox One's new NFL app is a superfan's dream

The Verge reports "It's very nearly football season here in the US, and that means Microsoft is ready to release a new and updated version of its NFL app for the Xbox One. Like last year's version, the NFL app provides a wealth of information for fans, including video clips, fantasy stats, and real-time feeds when paired with a paid subscription to the NFL's services. It also lets you pin a score ticker to the side of the screen so you don't miss the action if you're watching something else or playing a video game."

Alibaba will spend $1B to expand its cloud in Japan, Europe,...

VentureBeat reports "Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba today announced plans to spend $1 billion on its Aliyun public cloud. The money will cover the costs of setting up new data center infrastructure in Japan, Singapore, Europe, and the Middle East, according to a statement on the news."

Nintendo had its best fiscal Q1 since 2012 as it beats...

VentureBeat reports "This morning, the publisher reported the results of the first quarter of its fiscal 2016, which represents the three months ending on June 30. And the company revealed that it generated more than $729 million (90 billion yen) in sales. That is up from $603 million (75 billion yen) during the same period last year."

VR Chat Room AltspaceVR Raises $10.3M To Sell Virtual Events

TechCrunch reports "Pay-Per-Virtual Reality could become a thing thanks to AltspaceVR. The VR chat room and communication platform just raised $10.3 million to give us a digital place where we can hang out."

Nokia reveals the Ozo virtual reality camera with 8 shutter sensors...

VentureBeat reports "The device features eight synchronized shutter sensors and eight microphones to produce stereoscopic three-dimensional video, according to a statement from the company. Special software for the device will allow viewers to see three-dimensional content in real time and doesn’t require users to assemble panoramic images ahead of time."

China Entertainment Stocks Hit as Market Has Biggest Drop Since 2007

The Hollywood Reporter reports "The Chinese government's attempts to calm the country's volatile stock markets appeared to have failed as stock prices on the Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong exchanges plummeted on Monday after a recent market rebound."

Razer confirms it has acquired Ouya’s software assets, founding CEO departs

VentureBeat reports "The gaming hardware company confirmed today that it had purchased Ouya’s software assets. Ouya was a Kickstarter success story that created a microconsole that allowed players to download more than 1,124 Android games. We originally reported that Razer acquired Ouya last month (which an investment bank confirmed), saying it would cost Razer $10 million to buy the struggling company."

Nokia Plans to Debut Virtual Reality Product Next Week

Re/code reports "The effort, which Re/code reported in April, represents the most significant consumer hardware launch from Nokia since it sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2013. It is one of several areas that the company is hoping could eventually reestablish the Finnish company as a serious player in the consumer electronics world."