Sydney – A group of Hollywood movie studios and TV networks has appealed an
Australian court’s ruling that found ISP iiNet was not responsible for
copyright infringements committed by its subscribers.

The Australian Federation
Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), a consortium of 34 studios and networks, lost
its case against iiNet and was ordered to pay the ISP’s $5.08 million bill for
legal fees.

In addition to appealing the case, AFACT will also argue in court
to avoid paying attorneys’ fees.

"The court found large scale copyright
infringements, that iiNet knew they were occurring, that iiNet had the
contractual and technical capacity to stop them and iiNet did nothing about
them," said AFACT head Neil Gane.

"In line with previous case law,
this would have amounted to authorization of copyright infringement. If this
decision stands, the ISPs have all the protection without any of the

"It is more than disappointing and frustrating that
the studios have chosen this unproductive path," said iiNet CEO Michael Malone.

"This legal case has not stopped one illegal download and further legal
appeals will not stop piracy… A more effective approach would be for the
studios to make their content more readily and cheaply available online."


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