Redwood City, Calif. – Video game publisher Electronic Arts (NASD:  ERTS)
is taking flak for a feature in the next installment of its popular
"Medal of Honor" franchise that lets players assume the role of
Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. British defense secretary Liam Fox called the
game a "tasteless product," according to the Associated Press. "It’s
shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the
Taliban against British soldiers," said Fox.

"I would urge retailers
to show their support for our armed forces and ban this tasteless

The mother of a fallen soldier called the game
"disrespectful" during a segment on the Fox News Channel.

give gamers the opportunity to play both sides. Most of us have been doing this
since we were seven: someone plays cop, someone must be robber," EA
spokeswoman Amanda Taggart told the Sunday Times.

"In Medal of Honor
multiplayer, someone’s got to be the Taliban. Nobody who plays video games is
going to be shocked or surprised by this."

Previous iterations allowed
gamers to play on either side of the conflict in World War II.

The new version
is slated for release in October.


Is EA receiving too much "flak" for the Taliban role in their new "Medal of Honor" game?

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  1. its defiantly b.s. cause now every one wants to care now that you are playin taliban and killing american soldiers or allied nations but now one cares or complains about past games when you plan japannese or russion soldiers and do the same thing. what about the people who have family that fought in and died in vietnam and ww2? i dont see anybody complainin or trying to ban games over that. thats what happens i guess when people start listening to idiots and their stupid opinions that they dont relize are pretty easy to counter.

  2. Although the intentions of the British Defense Secretary were to keep people from purchasing this video game, I feel he has done the opposite. Bad press is still press. With EA taking flak on this game, I can see it becoming the highest selling MoH came to date. Kids will buy it themselves or convince their parents – who have no idea – to purcahse it. Others will be interested to see what a battle in Afganistan looks like from the developers side since they are unable to do so from aborad. Especially in NA. The best thing that could have been done is nothing. Controversial scenerios are what sell these games. Call of Duty had an Airport scene where players mow down innocent bystanders with a machine gun. It is nothing new to the industry. A buzz will begin around this game and as a result it will rival the sales of CoD: MW2.