Boston – Convicted file-swapper Joel Tenenbaum has appealed
a 90% reduction in the amount of damages he was ordered by a jury to pay the
major record labels for sharing 30 songs online, the Boston Globe reported.

Tenenbaum was ordered to pay $675,000 by the jury, but on appeal the court
reduced that amount to $67,500.

Tenebaum has said he cannot afford to pay the
reduced penalty, telling the Boston Globe it is "equally as insane"
as the higher figure.

His attorney, Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson, has
filed notice they will appeal the reduced verdict to the U.S. Court of Appeals
for the First Circuit.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA),
has also appealed the court’s "erroneous and unprecedented" decision to
reduce the damages award, spokeswoman Cara Duckworth told the Globe.


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