Washington – The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday heard oral
arguments in a case that will determine whether or to what degree violent video
game content is protected by the First Amendment. The Associated Press reports
that the justices "seemed closely split on whether the restrictions [on sales
of violent games to minors] are constitutional."

Justice Scalia noted that
egregious violence also exists in Grimm’s fairy tales, and questioned whether movies
that depict drinking or smoking would be next to face state-sponsored

Justice Breyer noted that children are prohibited from buying
pornography, but could conceivably purchase a hypothetical video game that
depicted "gratuitous torture of children."

Justice Roberts suggested
a possible middle way with a narrower law.

To date, laws banning the sale of
violent or sexually explicit video games to minors have been struck down by
courts in seven states, on First Amendment grounds.

The Supreme Court is
expected to deliver its ruling on the matter next year.



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