Reston, Va. – U.S. online holiday spending is up 12% so far
this year from the same point a year ago, to $22 billion, according to a report
from comScore.

Last week’s spending totaled $5.15 billion, up 11% from the
corresponding week a year ago.

The firm also noted that today — the Monday of
the second week of December, dubbed "Green Monday" — is likely to
also be among the heaviest online spending days of the year.

Monday" this year, on Nov. 29, figured as the only billion-dollar online
spending day on record.

"With more than $5 billion in spending this past
week, it’s clear that while deal-seeking shoppers may have driven stronger than
anticipated spending early in the season, Americans continue to demonstrate a
significantly greater willingness to spend online this year than in seasons
past," said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni.

"This coming week,
beginning with Green Monday, should see some of the heaviest online shopping
activity of the season and we expect at least one more day to surpass the
billion dollar spending threshold."


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