Game design studio Three Rings is no longer independent. It has been acquired by Sega Holdings U.S.A. Inc., a division of the Sega/Sammy Corp. of Japan, which it had been working with since they partnered to launch Spiral Knights. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, and Three Rings chief executive officer Daniel James said consumers will not experience any changes.

Three Rings currently is producing Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, in collaboration with the BBC and Sega. Sega’s strong presence in the U.K. is expected to be an asset to the success of the game, which is based on the sci-fi adventure series that is firmly embedded in popular cuture throughout Britain and beyond.

James, known to gamers as Capn Cleaver, shared the news on the company’s website. “Three Rings will continue to operate as a self-contained development studio inside the Sega family and will continue to be managed by myself and my colleague Tom Schofield,” he wrote. “Our talented crew are excited to be joining Sega; we all foresee years of great collaborations ahead.”

Three Rings is best known for Spiral Knights and Puzzle Pirates, and for the steampunk nautical design of its San Francisco offices.

“There have been turbulent times in the games industry and overall economy during the last decade,” James wrote. “Our loyal team and investors, particularly our board members Jon Callaghan of True Ventures and Bob Zipp of Amicus, have navigated those choppy waters with us, and I’m very thankful to them. Today’s events secure our ability to keep doing what we love; making games and bringing them to life.”

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  1. i wish them luck!
    M&As are such a difficult thing to adapt to but I love the quality of Japanese games and hope they can build a good synergy.

    Will add my fave Japanese game for reference.