The win for the VR Narrative Experience Marks the First Time a Brazilian Company has won a Primetime Emmy 

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – (Sept. 1, 2020) – In a historic first for a Brazilian company, ARVORE Immersive Experiences (ARVORE) has been awarded a Primetime Emmy® for “Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Programming” for its VR interactive love story, The Line.In addition to being award winning, “The Line” was the world’s first VR narrative experience that fully integrated support for Oculus Quest’s hand tracking feature. 

“I am at a loss for words on how to describe what it is like for all of the hard work that our amazing team put into ‘The Line’ to be recognized with such a prestigious award as a Primetime Emmy,” said ARVORE CEO Ricardo Justus. “To receive this recognition, particularly in an innovation category, is truly an incredible achievement for us, which validates our dedication and our vision for the future of immersive technologies as a storytelling medium.” 

Set within a scale model of 1940s São Paulo and narrated by Rodrigo Santoro (“Westworld”), “The Line” is an interactive story about love and the fear of change, transforming players into a child who unlocks an enchanted maquette of two miniature dolls, Pedro and Rosa. This room-scale experience invites players to pull on knobs, and crawl under the scale model engine, to unfold the story of these figurines who are perfect for each other, but reluctant to live out their love. 

“One of the most beautiful side effects of VR is bringing the body back to the center of the experience,” said ‘The Line’ Director Ricardo Laganaro. “What we did with ‘The Line’ was to use the body movement as a language device to create emotions inside of the story. When we use our whole body to not only interact with but also tell and listen to stories, we remember that we are human.” 

The latest accolade adds to an already impressive list of awards that “The Line” has received, including Best VR Experience at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, Best VR Immersive Award at the 2019 Kaohsiung Film Festival and more. The Emmy will be presented to the team on September 17. 

A trailer for “The Line” can be viewed here. “The Line” is available globally on Oculus for $4.99. 

About ARVORE Immersive Experiences Founded by Ricardo Justus (CEO), Edouard de Montmort (Chief Strategy Officer) and Rodrigo Terra (Chief Technology Evangelist), ARVORE is an award-winning Brazilian studio based in São Paulo and Los Angeles that creates and develops profound interactive narrative experiences and games using the latest immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. With a multidisciplinary team of innovators and trailblazers, and a lab tasked with expanding the possibilities of these platforms, ARVORE connects different technologies, senses and media to push the envelope of storytelling to new levels. Winner of multiple awards and nominations for its previous games and experiences, ARVORE has very recently launched “Pixel Ripped 1995” on all VR platforms, to high critical acclaim. 

Media Contact: Nick Valente B/HI, on behalf of ARVORE