Stockholm, Sweden – A group of 13 Hollywood
movie studios has appealed a decision by a Swedish court not to force ISP
Portlane to bring down OpenBitTorrent, a file-sharing network, TorrentFreak

The studios had filed a motion in Stockholm District Court in November,
demanding that Portlane cease providing bandwidth to OpenBitTorrent and accusing
the ISP of contributing to copyright infringement.

The court disagreed, saying
that Portlane must do more than merely host the site in order to be held liable
for any infringement by OpenBitTorrent users.

The studios have appealed that
decision to Sweden’s
Court of Appeal.

They have alleged that OpenBitTorrent is simply
"the Pirate Bay tracker with a new name," and
in the new filing liken Portlane to a property owner who knows prostitution
occurs on the premises but fails to take any action.


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