San Francisco
– Shanda Games, the Chinese online games publisher, announced on Tuesday that
it will acquire Mochi Media, an ad network for online games, for $80 million.

Founded in 2006, San Francisco-based Mochi offers an ad network that includes
more than 15,000 online games.

Shanda intends to use Mochi’s platform to help
monetize its Chinese Web traffic; the company operates over 30 multiplayer game
titles and counts nearly 10 million active paying accounts.

Mochi will continue
to operate as a standalone company within Shanda Games.

"This relationship
opens up a new market for Shanda Games and gives them a footprint outside of China while
opening up the Chinese market for Mochi Media and gives our community access to
Shanda Games’ strength and expertise in virtual goods," Mochi Media
co-founder Jameson Hsu wrote in a blog post.

The company had raised a total of
$14 million in venture capital financing.


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