San Francisco
– Verizon Communications (NYSE:  VZ) acknowledged that it has penalized an undisclosed
number of its Internet access subscribers who failed to comply with multiple
file-sharing warning letters with service interruptions, CNET
reported. "We’ve cut some people off," Verizon Online spokeswoman
Bobbi Henson told CNET.

"We do reserve the right to discontinue service.
But we don’t throttle bandwidth like Comcast was doing. Verizon does not have
bandwidth caps."

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
announced in late 2008 that it would end its campaign of copyright litigation
against file-swappers, saying it would instead partner with ISPs on a
"graduated response" campaign.

Verizon’s Henson told CNET that the
number of subscribers who had seen their service interrupted was small — revealing
that the warning letters have been effective.

"We’ve found that we don’t
have to warn most people a second time," Henson told CNET. "Most
people stop. Or they tell whoever [in their household] is doing it to stop."


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