London – While a U.K. court
recently acquitted the administrator of BitTorrent site OiNK of charges of
"conspiracy to defraud" the recording industry, that industry is now
considering filing civil actions to reclaim what it says are the admin’s
ill-gotten gains from the site, TorrentFreak reported.

International record
label trade group IFPI called that outcome a "hugely disappointing verdict" last week.

Today, IFPI chairman John Kennedy said at a press conference that
the group plans to "find other ways" to seek remedy against OiNK
admin Alan Ellis, for the $300,000 in donations he received from users of the

Ellis told the jury at his trial that the funds were used to rent server
space and to put toward the cost of his own server.

Kennedy said the industry
wants those funds to distribute to the artists whose music was shared without
permission on OiNK, according to TorrentFreak.


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  1. Does “find other ways” mean that John Kennedy and IFPI will continue to monitor and spy on Alan Ellis whilst he is inside private premises. Are Cleveland Police aware of the methods used by IFPI to gather the evidence used against Oink. What other details, not revealed at the trial, are stored inside the IFPI databases at their London offices. Alan and the other IFPI targets (Pirate Bay etc) should be demanding release of all of their personal data and ask for an explanation as to the methods used against them. IFPI are not the Police and have no right to spy on individuals. What was the role of Mumith Ali…?

  2. I was only doing what I was told and not aware of the the Data Protection implications. Blame John Kennedy.
    What was the role of Paul Warren…..?