Cannes, France – Bach Technology on Monday
introduced MusicDNA, a new digital music file format intended to supplant MP3
by adding updateable lyrics, artwork, tour dates, videos and other content to
the file.

Investors in the company include MP3 format inventor Karlheinz Brandenburg and 247
Inc., a company run by former Sony Music CEO Shigeo Maruyama.

The MusicDNA
format is backwards compatible with MP3, meaning songs in the MusicDNA format
will play on all MP3 players — including the iPod.

The additional content
appears while the music file is playing on a free software player, and may be
updated with new content from labels and artists whenever the player is
connected to the Internet.

Bach said it is in talks with all the major labels,
but so far has garnered support from independent labels including Beggars
Group, Tommy Boy, Delta Records and Amiata Records.

Other partners include a
number of digital music retailers and distributors, such as R2G (China), InProdicon (Sweden),
Rebeat Digital (Germany),
PeoplesMusicStore (U.K.) and
CatchMedia (U.S.).

Bach plans to beta test the MusicDNA format with partners this spring before a
full commercial rollout in the summer.

Apple recently introduced its own music-plus-data
file format, iTunes LP, which bundles music videos, liner notes and artwork
with album purchases.


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