New York
– A federal judge this week dismissed copyright infringement charges brought by
major record label EMI against the founders of streaming music site Seeqpod,
GigaOM reported. U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain granted Seeqpod’s
motion to dismiss the case, citing lack of jurisdiction.

In addition to Seeqpod
CEO Kasian Franks and two co-founding investors, EMI also sued a developer who
built a service based on Seeqpod.

While the dismissal resolves the case against
the Seeqpod principals, GigaOM noted that EMI reached a separate settlement
with Ryan Sit, the developer of playlist-sharing service Favtape.

GigaOM also
reports that it’s possible but unlikely that EMI would choose to pursue the
case against Seeqpod’s founders in another jurisdiction.

It was reported in
December that Seeqpod was in the process of selling its assets to a large
Japanese media company


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