– An Australian man has agreed to pay Nintendo $1.3 million in damages and
reimburse $87,000 in legal costs, as part of a settlement reached after he was
taken to court or allegedly uploading a copy of "New Super Mario Bros.
Wii" to the Internet, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The man uploaded
the game to the Internet before it became available for purchase in Australia, the
report said.

Nintendo sued 24-year-old James Burt for copyright infringement,
and was granted access to his computers, as well as emails and access to social
networking accounts.

"Nintendo will pursue those who attempt to jeopardise
our industry by using all means available to it under the law," the
company said in a statement.


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(Sydney Morning Herald)


  1. He’s the worst kind of pirate because he uploaded it when it was too new. Also he bought it and uploaded it anyway just to do it. But the 1.3million seems a bit over the top. Ok, if he caused that much damages, then I see why. But in a way I don’t think he did because those games still sell even though they are available for download. It happens all the time. So is nintendo saying the game no longer sells now? All the people that wanted it downloaded it? I doubt it. Or maybe they are saying it shaved 1.3 million of the hundred million or so they’d make? I can’t figure it all out, but somehow, 1.3 million seems too much to pay. Especially since the guy might not be able to save more than 500k in his entire life. So 60 years later, in the year 2070 he will be in the old folks home, saying, “Well, I paid $390,00 of it. I still owe about a million” lol. Something is amiss here. I think they should have made him pay about 100k. That way at least he’d pay it. This way he never will.