Washington – President Obama will "aggressively protect
[U.S.] intellectual property," as "our single greatest asset is the
innovation and the ingenuity and creativity of the American people," according
to remarks he made during a speech this week in Washington at the Export-Import
Bank’s annual conference, CNET reported. Obama added that the U.S.
Trade Representative will be using "the full arsenal of tools available"
to crack down on piracy, "including the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
Agreement (ACTA)."

The secretive ACTA talks have been criticized for
potentially seeking to employ a "three-strikes" penalty against
file-swappers, that would see repeat offenders’ Internet connections suspended.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that Ari Emanuel, the Hollywood agent whose
brother Rahm is Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, says that Hollywood is
lobbying Obama to introduce "three-strikes" legislation.

"We are
in the midst of talking to the president and some attorney generals and [we
are] trying to implement a three strikes and you’re out rule," Ari Emanuel
told the Guardian.

Emanuel also noted that — as has happened in other
countries where such proposals have been floated — three-strikes legislation would likely
lead to a "fight with ISPs."


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