Washington – The Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday delivered its long-awaited National
Broadband Plan to Congress, with the goal of creating a nationwide
communications network connecting more than 90% of U.S. households. Among the
highlights, the plan aims to connect 100 million households with affordable
broadband at speeds of 100 megabits per second, with 1 gigabit connections at
anchor institutions such as schools, hospitals and military installations, and
free up another 500 megahertz of wireless spectrum to meet the growing demand
for mobile services.

Another aspect aims to create a nationwide wireless public
safety network for first responders.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski called the
plan "a 21st century roadmap to spur economic growth and investment,
create jobs, educate our children, protect our citizens and engage in our

Currently, nearly 100 million Americans lack broadband at
home, while 14 million desire broadband but don’t have access.


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