Mountain View,
– In the wake of its
decision this week to stop censoring search results in China, Google (NASD: GOOG) addressed
potential concerns companies may have that China may take action to block other
Google service used by enterprises, such as Gmail and Google Apps.

very much hope that the Chinese government respects our decision, though we are
well aware that China could at any time block access to our services in
mainland China," the Google Apps team wrote in a blog post.

The company
created a new Web page that will monitor the availability of Google Apps in China.

It also
encouraged companies to take advantage of available network technologies, such
as a Virtual Private Network (VPN), secure shell (SSH) tunneling or proxy
servers as a means of enabling employees in China to freely access Google’s

"We recognize that these issues are not unique to Google; many
technology companies serving users in China face challenges in providing
access to their services, and we don’t see yesterday’s news changing how we
serve you moving forward," the company said.  


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