– Rapidshare, the Germany-based file-hosting service that has come under fire
for hosting unauthorized copyrighted content, has in recent weeks begun to
target users uploading or downloading copyrighted files by terminating their
accounts and logging IP address data, TorrentFreak reported.

It’s unclear how
widespread the new tactics are at this point, as Rapidshare attracts millions
of monthly visitors.

The company has become an increasing target of copyright
holders as users saw Rapidshare and similar services as less prone to liability
than traditional file-sharing networks.

In late 2009, the company was reported
to be disclosing user IDs to copyright holders.

Last year, the company was
ordered by a German court to proactively block some 5,000 songs controlled by
copyright society GEMA from its service, and in February, a court ordered
Rapidshare to proactively block textbook uploads to its service.

However, some
in the content industry have at least experimented with the service’s distribution
potential — including Time Warner’s Warner Bros., which in 2009 partnered with
the company to create RapidMovies, a site that served movie trailers and hoped
to eventually sell movie downloads.


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  1. All these recent articles about Rapidshare closing accounts are coming from one source TorrentFreak… Get some independent verification before posting this as it seems to be a non story.
    TorrentFreak is an unreliable blog to be basing your article on.

  2. Mark you should have checked the comments on “torrentfreak” about this article. Their are numerous individuals who have found this to be a scam.