Los Angeles
– A federal judge has ordered BitTorrent file-sharing network search engine Isohunt
to remove all infringing content, giving the site’s 27-year-old Canadian owner Gary
Fung until April 12 to work with the Motion Picture Association of America
(MPAA) on a means of complying with the court, according to published reports. A
proposed injunction would force Isohunt to install a filter that would remove
torrents containing a list of banned keywords provided by the MPAA.

Fung told
TorrentFreak he will object to the implementation of a filter, and instead
propose creating a "lite" version of Isohunt.

This "lite"
version would remove torrent categories and simply feature a search box,
similar to Google.

It’s possible that Fung may also simply choose to block
access to Isohunt from U.S.
visitors to comply with the court.

"We’re discussing the mechanics, the
process that is reasonable for an injunction," Fung told, adding
that keyword search filtering could inadvertently target non-infringing works.


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