Los Angeles – Ireland’s High Court has approved a settlement
that will see Internet service provider Eircom sever the connections of
subscribers who fail to heed repeated warnings to stop illegal file-sharing. The
court disagreed that handing over the identities of suspected file-swappers to
copyright holders by Eircom runs afoul of the country’s privacy laws.

"three-strikes" protocol will now be implemented by Eircom, in the
form of several warning letters sent to suspected file-swappers, followed by a
suspension or termination of their Internet access account.

"This is a
hugely important decision that sends a resounding message about the need for
creators and artists’ rights to be protected on the internet," said John
Kennedy, chairman and CEO of international record label trade group IFPI.

sends a strong message to governments that are now considering how to help
their creative industries address the threat of mass online piracy. In
particular, it highlights the viability of the graduated response approach that
has recently been adopted through legislation in the UK
and France."


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