Mountain View, Calif. – Google (NASD:  GOOG) on Wednesday
unveiled a new look and added features to its search results pages, including a
sidebar that will allow users to refine searches. The new left-hand sidebar
will offer search results divvied into categories like news, images, video,
books and blogs, with the mix of suggested search areas changing to provide
different links based on different searches.

A "Something different"
feature will return results that are possibly related to what a user was
searching for, but different.

Searches for merchandise will now offer users the
ability to fine-tine to include more or fewer results.

The company also made
some minor tweaks to its logo, brightening the colored letters and removing
some of their drop-shadow.

"While we are constantly rolling out small changes and updates, today’s
changes showcase the latest evolutions in our search technology, making
it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for," Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president for search products and user experience, wrote on the company’s blog.  


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  1. The categorys down the side are annoying distracting and mostly duplicate whats in the top row, i love google for its simplicity, this is not simple it is however distracting

  2. The new fixed sidebar is awful, it ruins the clean uncluttered interface that made Google famous in the first place. VPs are always so clueless about what makes their brand appealing, they go and fix what wasn’t broken. I’ll be changing my search engine if they don’t make the sidebar optional again.

  3. Why can’t we get rid of this worthless sidebar? It doesn’t have any ads, its not like they would lose any revenue by allowing us to remove it.

    Way to go google. Push everyone away when you’ve had loyal users for so long.

  4. Oh, isn’t this nice!

    First, google stops searching what I’m actually looking for, and now it institutes a sidebar to help me decide yet another slew of things I should be looking for. Just search what I type in, asshole.

  5. This feature is not alien to me, I mean I have the new sidebar on Google pages 2-3 times before that however I believe that was just for few minutes because Google was testing it.

    But yes we like the old webpage…and we can get to the old page and I am really not liking their new Google Search button on the main page…the old one was better.

  6. Gone to for searching, you should too. Enough people jump ship they will get the message. These people, google, are idiots. I have a small screen device and this just makes it harder to use. Safari, too, is starting this crap where you can’t turn off features. Guess what Steve, I have stopped using Safari and now use Firefox on my Mac after all these years. Good by and good riddance to google and safari.