– Licensing talks between Google’s (NASD: GOOG) YouTube and GEMA have broken down, leading the
German music rightsholder group to demand that 600 videos be removed from the
German version of the site.

After a year of negotiations, GEMA said in a
statement it was unable to reach a deal with YouTube, which had similar issues
with U.K.
rights group PRS for Music but eventually reached new licensing terms.

Billboard reports that GEMA “wanted assurances that a new deal would
include a share of advertising revenue and take account of YouTube’s revenue

“Operators of online platforms such as YouTube which
generate advertising revenues in the millions from the use of copyrighted
content must ensure that those who create such works and supply the content are
remunerated appropriately,” GEMA head Harald Heker told Billboard.


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  1. It would be a lot easier to prove that Google not only indexes sites and serves up free links to consumers promoting sites enabling illegal consumption of content, but that Google actually profits from its business activity and is intimately connected to serving up links to sites, promoting illegal sharing of content, namely from its adwords and display advertising products.

  2. Googles greed has gone crazy!
    Google are willing to spend 6.5billionUS$ to buy YouTube and are currently valued at 840billionUS$ and yet are claiming poverty!
    Bless their poor little corporate socks.
    Next time i see a tramp in the road asking for a few pennies I’ll try the same tactics and tell him to get lost ‘cos I can’t afford to give him anything.