San Francisco
– TechCrunch50, the three-year-old event co-organized by TechCrunch blog
founder Michael Arrington and Mahalo CEO Jason Calcanis, has been cancelled and
the partnership disbanded, according to blog posts from its principals.

having more than one bull in the china shop can get a little messy,"
Arrington wrote, while Calcanis noted that he and Arrington "are both
strong personalities and we had a different vision of where to take the
conferences (and how to split the not insignificant profits)."

plans instead to launch TechCrunch Disrupt, a new thrice-yearly conference highlighting
start-ups, that will kick off in New
York on May 24-26, and feature Calcanis as a speaker.

Meanwhie, Calcanis also announced plans for another event, The Launch
Conference, at which Arrington is expected to appear as well when it is held in
early 2011.


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