Palo Alto,
– Facebook has called an all
hands meeting for 4 p.m. Pacific time on Thursday to address concerns over its
privacy policies, All Facebook reports, citing sources inside the company.

blog speculated that Facebook will likely at least temporarily remove its new
"Instant Personalization" service, which automatically shares users’
data with third-party websites — or at least switch to an opt-in model for the

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that Facebook is releasing new
security features in a bid to tamp down on malicious attacks and phishing, in
the wake of the phishing of a Facebook board member’s own account.

Users can
now opt to receive an email or text message notification when their Facebook
account is accessed by a computer or phone they haven’t used before to access

The company will also work to block suspicious logins, by asking
users trying to access an account from an unusual device identity verification
questions, like "Who was your first kiss?"


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  1. F*** Facebook. I’m sick and tired of these guys messing with their privacy policy. I’m done. What’s the next social net site?

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