Los Angeles
– File-sharing service LimeWire, which earlier this month was found guilty in
federal court of copyright infringement, has asked the court to reconsider its
decision, arguing that it flawed in its legal analysis of the case, according
to The Hollywood Reporter. The court found both LimeWire, and founder and
majority shareholder Mark Groton guilty of copyright infringement.

argues in its motion for reconsideration that the court "made errors in
its analysis of liability, including whether the company had the ability to supervise
copyright infringement," according to THR’s coverage.

"LimeWire also
says the court reached its conclusions for summary judgment without properly
considering conflicting evidence and giving it the benefit of the doubt, as
required at the summary judgment phase."

In the intervening weeks since
the ruling, LimeWire has been working to apply a filter that would block copyrighted
works, and CEO Zeeshan Zaidi told the company has even been talking
to labels about licensing their content for the service.


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