San Francisco – File-sharing search engine Isohunt has asked
a federal appellate court to block a lower court’s injunction that would
effectively shutter the service, reports.

Isohunt itself does not
host any media content, but provides links to find such content on the
BitTorrent file-sharing network.

In May, a federal judge ordered the site to
stop indexing links to copyrighted content, with entertainment companies to
provide keywords for the site to block.

Isohunt attorney Ira Rothken told that the injunction is too broad, as the Motion Picture Association
of America (MPAA) has sent along a list of keywords to block that includes
terms like "10" and "Wizard of Oz."

"One person’s
copyrighted Wizard of Oz is another person’s public domain work," Rothken
told Wired, adding that the court should compel the MPAA to provide URLs or
hashes to identify links to remove from the site.

"The motion picture studios
do not have a monopoly on names on things. That is where the injunction is
violating the First Amendment."


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