New York – Glam Media, the operator of a network of
female-focused blogs and a complementary ad network, announced on Friday that it
will acquire AdPortal, a developer of advertising technology for publishers.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Launched in June, AdPortal powers
self-service ad portals for customers including CBS Interactive and Time.

York-basd Glam said it would integrate AdPortal’s technology into a new
offering called GlamAdapt for Publishing, an automated, publisher-side ad platform.


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  1. sportgenic didn’t even have the common courtesy to notify ME – A LONG STANDING (although be it unhappy) CUSTOMER of the change. Wow I was surprised when someone sent me a link to saying it’s now a MEN’s vertical sports network… considering my site is for women only, now what? Am I with Glam?

    Doesn’t surprise me sportgenic didn’t communicate anything to me. They’ve always been a crap company with communication. no, wait.. crap company in EVERY aspect.

    i read somewhere that robert tas is now going to be working for glam. that’s one way for glam to realize what they got themselves into!