Oakland, Calif. – A class action lawsuit has been filed
against Apple (NASD:  AAPL) over charges its iPad can overheat and malfunction in direct
sunlight, Bloomberg reported. Filed on July 23 in federal court in Oakland, Calif.,
the lawsuit alleges that in direct sunlight the iPad "turns off, sometimes
after just a few minutes of use.

The suit further claims that the iPad, which
sold 3.27 million units last quarter, "does not live up to the reasonable
consumer’s expectations create by Apple," as it "overheats so quickly
under common weather conditions."

Various media outlets have documented
reports of users who have received error messages on their iPads that read,
"iPad needs to cool down before you can use it."


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  1. I do not believe this nonsense. Most people know that this sort of device is not good in the sun. TV’s, Computers, phones are not meant to be in direct sunlight.

    Have people really got nothing better to do with their lives. It seems like it is all out have a go at Apple.

    Some people in the USA need to work and get a job rather than spend their time suing companies / people.

  2. Well, some people (tech-friendly ones, and most people are not) may know that it might overheating, but does that excuse false advertising? The iPad barely works outside at all though, so I cannot use it as I hoped. Steve Jobs lied to us and that’s OK with you?