Los Angeles – Microsoft’s (NASD:  MSFT) anticipated "Halo: Reach"
game for the Xbox 360 has been lifted from a Microsoft website and uploaded to
the BitTorrent file-sharing network, according to published reports.
notes "hundreds" of iterations of the game file available for
download on the file-sharing network, which requires a modified Xbox 360 to
actually play.

The game, which is not scheduled for release until Sept. 14, was
reportedly hacked from the Xbox Live Marketplace, where Microsoft had uploaded
a copy of the game.

"We are still investigating details surrounding a
claimed leak of Halo: Reach and have nother further to share," the company
said in a statement.

However, Microsoft has indicated it may permanently ban
Xbox 360 consoles and accounts found to be playing the unauthorized version of the game from
its Xbox Live online gaming service — which is necessary to engage in
multiplayer gaming.  

"As with
all unauthorized play on Xbox LIVE, anyone playing any unauthorized title runs
the risk of account permaban and console," Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft’s
director of policy enforcement for Xbox Live, wrote in a Twitter post.


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  1. I personally think that “Bungie,” should release the game earlier so people will be able to play. Why not send out the game, on September 6, 2010.

  2. Why Microsoft thought it was a good idea to put the 99,999 point copy of Reach on the Marketplace is beyond me. Granted, no one is going to go buy $1,250 of points, but everyone should have known it would get hacked sooner or later. Once again, M$ shows us their level of intelligence. I just wish I had a jtag’d console I’d be willing to get banned. I’d be on The Pirate Bay right now