Los Angeles – Online ad firm Triton Media has been sued by
several movie studios for "contributory" and "induced"
copyright infringement, over its alleged dealings with unauthorized websites
offering their content for free.

Disney (NYSE:  DIS) and Warner Bros. (NYSE:  TWX) filed suit against Triton,
alleging the firm helped websites like and profit from piracy by handling their advertising sales.

The studios said the ad agency knew the sites were offering unauthorized
content because they sent notices to Arizona-based Triton.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction
against Triton providing ad services to the sites in the future, and
unspecified monetary damages.


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  1. This is very interesting, my blog site got hit with a bunch of IP numbers that start with .38, I did some research and discovered these IPs could be robots that find copyrighted material and then create reports.

    The problem is I only post critiques and any image I use is from a project that I worked on in some capacity. Facebook refused to run an ad that went to my AlexLOGIC site and now I am wondering if these IP robots create reports that get sent out to groups like FACEBOOK and such.

    Facebook refused an ad of mine that simply offered a 20% commission on any referrals I received that turned into actual consulting work. My site uses my own original life experiences, yet Facebookd would not run an ad for my site.

    Whether or not I was incorrectly identified as a copyright infringement site, one sided reports are BS in my opinion.

  2. oh dear. i am a proud member of the ninja community, once a top mainsite as well, we are now fighting the good fight and defend our cause. i read this article on a lot of websites…
    and the content makes me angry again…and especially Disney looses every credibility for me, because, and now, please get this right and understand its ironic: Disney at one point in time had adds on our mainsite!!!
    what the …. is there really anybody out there who still believes in this lie of the big companies loosing money? i laugh about that, and it makes me angry. this is just another wrong pleaded cause by the so called new team of big companies to even get more money.

    by the way, our forum is still alive and its growing! Check it out and join the movement!