Los Angeles – Digital music sales in the U.S. were flat in
the first half of 2010, signaling the market may have hit a plateau, but is not
thought to have yet reached saturation, according to a Nielsen report cited by

By comparison, digital music sales grew 7% in Britain, 13% in Germany
and 19% in France during the first half.

Nielsen Music managing director Jean Littolff
told Reuters the sales data could reflect consumer confidence, a lack of
appealing new releases and "confusion over the many different ways people
can buy music online."

"I think this is a plateau, it doesn’t mean
that this digital consumption is going to drop significantly. It’s a plateau,
but it’s not yet saturation," Littolff added.

Reuters has since updated its story, to note that, "when combined with the growth in digital album sales,
overall digital music sales were up over 5 percent in the U.S." in the first half.  



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