New York – The chief executives of Microsoft (NASD:  MSFT) and Adobe (NASD:  ADBE) held
a secret meeting recently, at which topics included a possible acquisition of
Adobe by Microsoft and Apple’s (NASD:  AAPL) control of the mobile phone market, The New York
Times reported, citing sources involved in the discussions. Microsoft
reportedly courted Adobe several years ago, but was reluctant to act for fear
of antitrust opposition.

It’s possible the technology landscape has changed
since then to the point that a partnership between the two companies would pass
muster, U. of Chicago law professor Randal C. Picker told The Times.

At the
meeting, Adobe and Microsoft are also said to have discussed Apple’s
"blockade" of Adobe’s development tools on applications for its iPhone.

An Adobe spokesperson confirmed for The Times that a meeting between the
companies took place, but declined to comment on its timing or topics



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