Los Angeles – News Corp.’s (NYSE:  NWS) MySpace online social network on
Wednesday unveiled a long-awaited redesign of the site in beta, which now
positions itself as a ‘social entertainment’ service. The redesign includes a
new logo that does away with the capital letter "S" — and in some
iterations, the word "space" entirely, in favor of an empty bracket
— in addition to a new black-focused color palette.

Users can also now toggle
between three different views: a traditional ‘list’ view, a magazine-like
‘grid’ view, and a ‘play’ view optimized for video viewing.

Myspace now
features more than 20,000 entertainment-focused Topics pages, in addition to
Content Hubs focused on movies, TV and celebrities.

Users will be able to
easily import and export content from Facebook and Twitter.

The company said
its new site will place a special focus on ‘curators,’ "a subset of its
audience whose reputation and knowledge around particular entertainment topics
and emerging cultural trends make them uniquely influential," offering
badges for social activity around entertainment topics.

"This marks the
beginning of an exciting turning point for Myspace. Our new strategy expands on
Myspace’s existing strengths — a deep understanding of social, a wealth of
entertainment content and the ability to surface emerging cultural trends in
real time through our users," said Mike Jones, CEO of Myspace.

is the just the first step and there will be many more features, programs and
improvements to come."

The redesigned Myspace beta will become available
to all users worldwide by the end of November.

The company plans to soon
release a mobile version of the beta site, followed by a new Myspace app for
iPhone and Anrdroid devices later this year.



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