London – U.K. Internet service provider BT plans to ask a
court to alter the way in which its subscriber data is handled during
file-sharing copyright investigations, TorrentFreak reported.

The move comes
after a court granted BT’s request to halt the bulk transfer of customer
identities, in the wake of a massive data leak by ACS:Law, one of the law firms
handling copyright holders’ complaints against suspected file-swappers.

rights holder seeking future bulk disclosure of BT or Plusnet’s customers via a
court order will be asked to agree to our new approach," the company said
in a statement to TorrentFreak.

"The safeguards we aim to establish via
the Court are on the security of data handling, a threshold for providing a
customer’s details based on a minimum number of separate incidents, the tone of
contact with broadband subscribers and a reasonable approach to financial
compensation sought."


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