Palo Alto, Calif. – Facebook is expected to introduce a Web-based
email service on Monday, which is being unofficially referred to internally as
a "Gmail killer," TechCrunch reported, citing sources. Such a service
would likely provide users the option of opening an email account with an address.

The email service could also potentially integrate
Facebook features like photos, events and local deals, and prioritize emails
based on the strength of social connections with various contacts.

Facebook would refer to the rumored email service as a "Gmail killer"
is worth noting in light of the recent dispute between Google (NASD:  GOOG) and Facebook over
email contacts.

After Google stopped allowing Facebook to access a user’s Gmail
contacts to help build their Facebook friend lists — due to what it called
Facebook’s refusal to share data with third parties — Facebook created a
technological workaround that restored access to Gmail contacts.

Google did not
block the workaround, but is now prompting Facebook members using the
workaround with the option of filing a complaint over the Facebook’s "data


Will You Consider Switching from Gmail to Facebook Email?

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  1. I more than likely will not use facebook as an email service as the number of adds it will create. I hate all the ads. I’m trying now how to eliminate the games and friends suggestions. It’s taking a while but I’m getting there.